About PSW

About Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce (PSW)

Members of Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce are business and community leaders, prominent educators and organized labor officials. They create innovative systemic change initiatives for target groups and industry sectors.


I stay on the Board of Directors, because many organizations run programs, but PSW seeks innovative scalable solutions to large social and economic problems.

Member, Board of Directors PSW Inc.

Young Adult Employment Initiative

This program bridges the often daunting gap between low-income youths and the job market where only one in four young people are employed. Through education, career exploration and internships youths are equipped with confidence and given a clearer view of future opportunities.

Career Centers

Career Centers provide valuable help to low-income, unemployed adults looking to support their families in a college labor market. Job seekers are given the opportunity to upgrade their skills, making them more employable, and offered useful resources such as career counseling and resume building software. These services open countless doors and make a difference in the lives of prospective employees and employers alike.


Healthcare is one of the most high demand and fastest growing industries on both local and national scales. HeathcareWorks serves to ensure that this increased demand is met with a supply of competent and capable health care professionals. This is accomplished by creating a web of connections through hospitals, nurses training facilities and community colleges to give each group the tools to success.

PSW is …

An intermediary—bringing together businesses and public institutions to find and implement solutions to labor market problems and advocate for policy change while developing financing strategies.

A catalyst for change— executing regional initiatives, many STEM related, to ensure that job seekers are supplied with the skills to maximize their earning potential.

A labor market analyst—continually scanning the market to identify issues such as skills gaps, sluggish labor force growth and youth joblessness. Analyzing structural changes of various industries and the occupational mix enables PSW to react and provide solutions.