Massachusetts Technology Heartland

Major industry sectors

Sector# of Jobs
Professional and business services116,289
Health Care52,021
Advanced Manufacturing50,687


Knowledge jobs dominate

Field# of Jobs
Information technology27,291
Computer systems design22,600
Scientific research and development12,572
Architecture and engineering9,943
Management and technical services9,724
Tech Worker diagnosing Server


Metro Southwest . . . Technology Heartland of Massachusetts

Covering the area between Routes 128/I495, and serving 43 communities, Metro Southwest is one of the largest of the 16 workforce regions in Massachusetts.

The Metro Southwest (MSW) region contains communities that are defined by high-growth, high-paying knowledge and innovation industries, exceptional educational attainment and outstanding research and education institutions.

MSW is a college labor market in which jobs requiring post-secondary education dominate and college-educated residents thrive. Those without post-secondary education do not.