PSW Youth Careers

In today’s job market, only 1 out of 4 youth are finding jobs. Compare that to 1999 when 1 out of 2 could find jobs!

This staggering statistic was the consequence of youth employment hitting an all-time low of 26%.
This is the problem PSW Youth Careers is specifically dedicated to solving by providing the information and real world work experience necessary to succeed in a dynamic 21st century workplace.



PSW Youth Careers works to empower disadvantaged and disengaged youth through education and work experiences that lead to careers with growth potential. The Youth Careers Initiative gives young adults the tools to overcome barriers and move into self-sustaining employment in sectors of the economy where there is a need.

Access and exposure are the guiding elements of PSW Youth Careers as inexperienced young workers traverse the path to career success. Career exploration and hands-on learning are key to gaining an understanding of the job market and finding the best fit in terms of employment.


It takes a collaborative effort among industry, education, organized labor, and community organizations to build and implement strategies to achieve its mission. These partnerships create a support network for young job seekers and develop a pipeline of skilled workers for Massachusetts employers.

PSW Youth Careers focuses on:

  • Jobs for young people where they gain the skills needed to succeed in the current economy
  • Technical and social skills necessary to maneuver successfully in today’s workplace
  • Career pathways through post-secondary education and apprenticeships
  • A social and professional network that provides opportunities to gain exposure to and experience in a variety of work environments prior to deciding on a career
  • Support services to help those facing specific barriers address and overcome obstacles.

PSW Youth Careers Success Story

Participants in PSW Youth Careers are much more than statistics. The results of this program are real and young job seekers make life changing achievements every day.

Client Testimonial portrait
My name is Alejandro, and I’m a 19-year-old high school student. My parents split up when I was a kid, and my mother and I lived with my grandparents. My mother helped my grandparents with the rent and other expenses until she remarried and moved out. I stayed with my grandparents, but I didn’t make enough money at my entry-level job to cover any of the bills. The stress led me to drugs, and I’ve been in and out of rehabilitation programs more than once.I missed so many days of school, that in my senior year I was told I would not graduate due to absences. Now that I was clean, I began an online curriculum program, and I approached the high school career specialist. I told her I was, “in dire need of a job.” She helped me write a resume, cover letter, and reference sheet; and she spent time with me practicing answers to interviews questions.I interviewed and was offered a position at AXLE Brand Promotions, a marketing and events organization. With this job I can finally help my grandparents. Last winter I purchased pellet fuel to heat the house, and I paid for groceries and other things.
For the first time in my life I am feeling successful.

Programs and Services

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

ProgramSummaryLocationYouth Served
Connecting ActivitiesCareer Specialists work in high schools, providing career exploration, pre-employment skills, jobs and internshipsBellingham, Framingham, Marlborough, Norwood1,640
ETR WIOA Intensive Youth ServicesWorks with youth 14–24 to attain educational, occupational and career goals as well as job placement and community resourcesServes all 43 cities and towns but staff is located in Marlborough, Framingham, and Bellingham190
Marlborough Summer Jobs ProgramYouth in summer jobs/training for the City of MarlboroughMarlborough19
YouthWorks Youth in jobs/training in the non-profit sectorFramingham42
Massachusetts Advanced Pathways in MarlboroughCareer Specialists work in high schools providing career exploration, pre-employment skills, jobs and internshipsMarlborough325
Total: 2,216

Youth Demographics and Outcomes

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017