Request for Proposals – Metro Southwest Career Center Operator

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Questions & Answers

Who are the applicants?

Three proposals were received from: South Middlesex Opportunity Council, Inc. (SMOC); Career TEAM; The WorkPlace

We received notice that The WorkPlace withdrew their proposal.

Will the new operator acquire the equipment and licenses currently in use at the One Stop Career Center? If so, should the new operator include costs for moving equipment in the budget?


The Organization Capacity question states: Provide an organizational chart for career center staff and job descriptions for each position. The job descriptions should include the qualifications necessary to do the job. Both staff on your payroll and those on the partners’ staff should be included. However we have been instructed to only identify staff on the payroll in the org chart. Please clarify if we need to list partners as staff and their job description and qualifications?

Just include people on the payroll. Do not include partners in the organization chart and job descriptions.

Will PSW help new operator negotiate leases on potential new sites?


$432,540 is earmarked on the budget for training. Can a new operator, if selected, use that budget to hire trainers and build other types of training programs such as credential programs?

Only training providers on the approved training list can receive funds.

$432,540 is earmarked on the budget for training. Can the new operator suggest changes to the training budget?

At the current time, the Commonwealth requires that 30% of the total funding be spent on training.

$432,540 is earmarked on the budget for training. Does that mean that the operator can customize a training program with those funds or is that money already predetermined for ITA?

Some ITA contracts will carry over to the new fiscal year, but the majority of the funds will pay educational costs for individuals to enroll in training programs. However, the nature of training expenditures will be a topic during contract negotiations.

Can a new operator occupy the existing sites if the lease is available?

Yes, if the operator can successfully negotiate the lease and if PSW approves the site.

Will the existing sites be taken over by the new operator, if selected?

The operator must negotiate each lease with the landlord.

What costs will the new operator, if selected, assume from the incumbent?


There is no mention of a transition period in the RFP apart from the workplan. Will the new operator, if selected, be allowed to negotiate a transition plan to select and occupy a site as well as set up new technologies?

Yes. See question 5.

Will the new operator, if selected, be expected to be in a new site with services available to customers on July 1, 2017?

No. See question 5.

There is no mention of a transition period in the RFP apart from the workplan. Will there be a transition period allowed if a new operator has been selected?

During the contracting period that will begin immediately after the award announcement the last part of June, PSW and the operator will create a work schedule that phases in implementation of the various tasks over the first year of operations.

There are 3 state staff job descriptions attached to the RFP, but it is not clear how the 15 staff are divided amongst the 3 job descriptions. How many Employment Service Representative are there? Employment Counselor? Veteran Employment Representative (Employment Counselor)?

The career center operator will assign tasks that fit with the business model in the RFP in consultation with the Department of Career Services and Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce.

Which offices are the 15 staff located in?

Norwood and Framingham

Who are the 15 staff funded by?

The primary funding source is Wagner-Peyser Employment Services administered and overseen by the MA Department of Career Services.

Who are the 15 staff mentioned in the rfp?

The 15 staff are Department of Career Services state employees assigned to the career centers.

Who do contact if I have questions regarding budgets; allocations; IT requirements; MIS/performance; DCS staffing?

Please submit your question(s) to and a response will be posted within 24 hours.

How should we reflect the 15 state staff that are referred to in the RFP in the org chart, if at all? There are 3 state staff job descriptions attached to the RFP, but it is not clear how the 15 staff are divided amongst the 3 job descriptions.

Include only the staff to be funded by the contract.

In the org chart that is requested in the RFP, are we supposed to illustrate how state staff fit in to the structure?  Or should it be an org chart of just staff that are to be funded by this contract?

Do not include them in the org chart.

Form 2. Application Cover Sheet. Part D states, “please provide three business references.” Are the three business references required attachments and not included in the 20-page limit?

List the business references in Part D. Forms do not count toward the 20-page limit.

Regarding question 2, please clarify if an applicant must have a director identified in order to respond to this RFP. If not, is it sufficient to include the job description of the career center director and the resume and qualifications of the person that will be supervising this position?

No, a director does not have to be identified.

Yes, provide the job description of the career center director, and the resume and qualifications of the person supervising the position.

On page 9, the RFP states that attachments and forms that are required for this submission do not count against the page limit. Does this include all the forms and documents requested throughout the RFP?

The following do NOT count against the page limit. They should be inserted in an appendix in the same order they are mentioned in the RFP and clearly labelled.

Page 13. Organizational chart and job descriptions

Page 13. Describe a recent federal or state funded program you have operated. Provide a copy of the report which you were required to submit to the funding agency

Page 13. Job description and resume for career center director


The following should be inserted in the text and do count against the page limit.

Page 13. Reasons why the person in qualified to be the career center director

The RFP states on page 9 that proposals are limited to 20 double spaced pages. Are all charts, graphs and inserted quotes, data boxes and images required to be double spaced?


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