Course Descriptions


Courses are accredited by Framingham State University, Graduate and Professional Education Program. Teachers who successfully complete all three courses and an externship experience can apply for a Graduate Certificate in STEM Education through Framingham State University. This certificate is available only to LIFT² teachers.


Advanced instructional Theory and Practice: Mathematics and Science
(EDUC 914)
(4 credits/48 hrs)

Online interactions/discussions plus four face-to-face Saturday sessions

June-September (During externship)


Impact of Technology on Education (INST 943) (4 credits/48 hrs)

Online interactions/discussions plus five face-to-face Saturday sessions



Curriclum Design, Practice and Assessment (EDLE 970) (4 credits/48 hrs)

Online interactions/discussions plus three face-to-face Saturday sessions




Through this series of courses, participants will broaden their knowledge of STEM careers beyond their summer externship experience and learn how to integrate their content with “real world” experiences as a means for increasing student awareness and interest in pursuing STEM careers.