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WIOA Local Plan

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Open and Competitive RFP Alignment with Workforce Board Plan conference call November 15, 2017 9:30am – 10:30 am 

Open & Competitive Conference Call Notes:
November 15, 2017

DESE Adult Learning Center applicants must describe their programs alignment with the PSW Plan that is posted on the PSW website. PSW will be looking for:

  • Actions taken to link adult education students to the one-stop job search and placement services at the career centers in Framingham and Norwood
  • Participation in the WIOA Mandatory Partners meetings refinement of the existing Memorandum of Understanding
  • Work with the Career Center Director to define the adult education services in the career centers, i.e., out-stationing in the career centers

The adult learning centers can expect support from PSW and the career centers in planning for and delivering services in the career center environment. At present, no money is available.

Over the next year, PSW will create mini-sites throughout the region, expanding services in the northern and southern tiers of municipalities. Adult learning centers may volunteer to be a mini-site. If they are selected, they would be the recipient of the job search software and their students would have access to job listings and placement services in the adult learning center.

Questions should be submitted to Cindy McComiskey ( Answers will be posted on the PSW web site.